Need help finding
lost data?

If your hard drive fails, what happens to all your files?
Call the data recovery doctors at Computer Clinic.
Our technology doctors can perform exploratory
surgery to recover lost data.

Data Protection: Data Recovery

Lost Data is a headache. Computer Clinic can fix that. Our data recovery service will get your information back. Whether personal or business related. We can search and find the details you are missing. If you require a data recovery, Computer Clinic in Cockeysville-Hunt Valley, Maryland is the place to do it!

We can get your data back

  • Initial diagnostic fee to determine what data can be recovered
  • Diagnostic fee included in the total cost
  • Get updates throughout the recovery process
  • Additional fees for drives that are severely damaged or if level 2 data recovery support is needed.

Wet Phone?

Do you need to retrieve your data after sustaining water damage?

Missing Data?

Our computer doctors will dig to find the data you have lost.

Hard Drive Failure

A broken hard drive doesn't have to be the end of the world.

Our expert Computer Technology Doctors will get your tech back to health

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