TVs are expensive.

If your TV stops working, don't throw
in the towel and buy a new one.

Come to Computer Clinic: we will
dignose the issue and find parts to fix it
without breaking the bank.

TV Repairs

TVs have at least three circuit boards. Therefore, more often than not, the issue is internal. We will take your TV apart and find where the problem is. Then we reassemble exactly the way it is supposed to be. Whether you require a new power supply or a new board; we can get you set up.

TV Won't Power On

This can mean a number of things. Let the experts at Computer Clinic diagnose it.

Stripes on Screen

Horizontal or vertical: we've seen it all. Bring your TV in to the Computer Clinic.
Flickering TV Screen

White Screen

Something internal in your TV needs to be replaced. We can get the parts you need!

Flickering TV Screen

Our computer doctors will determine the cause and identify a solution.

Our expert Computer Technology Doctors will get your tech back to health

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